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Sierra Swing, PsyD - Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Sierra Swing, PsyD
3417 Fremont Ave N #225
Seattle, WA 98103

As an integrative therapist, I utilize several different approaches to therapy that I tailor to fit your individual needs. My treatment approach is to work in collaboration with you in therapy so that you can achieve your goals and work through any challenge that you may be facing. I strive to provide a safe and empathic environment where you can receive support, reflection, feedback, and empowerment regarding both current and long-standing behavior patterns and difficulties.

I believe that whatever hurdle you may be faced with, psychotherapy can be an extremely useful tool on the path toward personal growth and healing. While this process can often be daunting, it can also be extremely vitalizing. My hope is that therapy will help you feel more self-confident, hopeful, and self-aware.